Committee Meeting Update

Dear Member

Following our committee meeting on 25th June 2020 the following items were discussed:

Dabblers Whatsapp Group.

A member of the sailing group asked if the club would consider having an official

Whatsapp group for members to message when they will be at the lake.

The committee decided against this for several reasons: Many members do not

have the knowledge or equipment to work it and are more than happy sticking to email.

A Whatsapp Group will create a lot of messages to all in the group and members will

find this tedious in time and withdraw from the group.

Whatsapp is ideal for small groups but not for large groups.  If individuals wish

to use this platform on a personal level that is up to them.

We need to be careful that private groups should also email the members not

using this app so they are included.  We would not want the club split because

members do not use up to date apps.

Steam Boiler Testing

The steam boiler testing is now up and running again, if you need a test please phone

Pete Chambers on 01403 252858

Lockdown Rules

The committee has issued a statement posted on the website and will update as

and when we get info from the wardens.

Club Events

Until it is safe to organise club events there will be none in the near future.

Members are allowed to Southwater Lake but please abide by the lockdown rules.

Outside Events

If the committee are approached to attend any outside events then we will let

members know and if members wish to attend they must do their own risk

assessment for their personal wellbeing.

Other business

David Cross is looking to get the parking permits from the council but he is

waiting to hear how long they will run for.  If you require a ticket please contact , this will be on a first come first serve basis.

We do have a number of members that have put their name down for one already.

David and Bob are in contact with the Watersports to renew our permit for this year,

we will keep you posted on any changes, updates etc.

The club has been asked by the MYA to write a small piece about the club for their

newsletter next month.  Richard Bailey will be putting something together so

check the MYA website when the newsletter is published.

Lastly, thankyou to all the members that emailed us with questions,

ideas and information


The Committee