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No events took place due to Covid


Sumners Regatta 2019

Saturday saw the best weather, sunshine all day with a good breeze for sailing.  Sunday only saw a short amount of time for putting boats on water before the rain came.

We had a good turnout throughout Saturday and the weather held out for the fish and chips.  Thank you David for the food and the weather!!

A wide variety of vessels were put on the water throughout Saturday see the link to you tube to a fabulous video by

Colin Rist: 

We had four boats for the illumination sail although because the weather was so good it took a time before the light faded to show the illuminations.  See photos below:


Weald And Downland Museum – Singleton – Horsepower to Steam

We had a fantastic weekend showing steam, sailing and motor boats. It is amazing the amount of people that told us ‘I used to have a steam engine when I was a youngster, loved it’.  The whole show was so well organised with so much going on.  Train layout which was fab was a hike to get to but well worth it. The whole weekend showed many steam exhibits as well as many other exhibits.

We had several steamboats on show and in the water.  We also took a steam fairground which was well received by the public asking lots of questions.  The children there had a go with our boats and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  We will be looking to go again next year.  The lake is a good size although a little shallow at the banks but not a problem for the larger yachts.  ‘We did have a shower Sunday morning but it went over by 10.30am .HDC Steam Engine

See below some photos from the event:


Petworth Park 13th July 2019 Taken By Colin Rist



Dabblers Reggata 2017 at Sumners Ponds


Illuminated Sail – 6th / 7th October – Sumner Ponds


Everything was set for the weekend.  Gazebos were erected on the Thursday beforehand, Fish & Chips were ordered for the Saturday evening, Competition classes sorted and prizes organised.

Saturday came round and tables were put up, the boats displayed, tea, coffee and biscuits laid on.

All set……then……the weather changed and it rained and it…….rained…….and it turned cold….but then……when the fish and chips were about to be served it had stopped raining!!  Majority of members turned just before the food!! Do not blame them for that!


The Illuminated sail went ahead with some members putting their boats on the water and other just leaving them on display on the tables.  All went very smoothly for this and the following participating members were all winners:


Ron Hall with Eldergarth

Pete Brown with Steamer Albion


Keith Wright with Steam Boat Victoria

Nicky Budgen with Fiesta

Sunday saw the weather being very dry and warm with a lot more members turning up. Tea and coffee again was provided by Lynn which was very much appreciated over the two days.  A stall selling bric-a-brac in aid of the Life Boat Charity raised in excess of £80

Competition winners were:

Scratch Built

John Harman and his pleasure launch

John Ware with his steamer


Paul Hemstritch


Special prize was presented to Pete Shires for his Poop deck and toilet. Brilliantly made!!




Thank you to everyone that turned up and supported the event.