Steam Boats

John & Davids Steam Boats in Action

The Joy of Steaming

The engine is usually a 2 cylinder inline or in a V format

The boiler is of copper construction with pressure gauge, safety valve and water gauge fittings.  Boilers have to be pressure tested before being allowed in the water on a yearly basis and a certificate is issued which should be available for inspection each time the boat is launched.

The heat is provided by a small refillable gas tank filled with butane/propane mix.

Before firing up ready to launch, the engine is lubricated with steam oil, the boiler is filled with hot water and the gas tank filled, then the burner can be lit. (At this stage you will hear other members shout out “When is tea up”)

Once the pressure rises to approx. 30psi, the boat is placed on the lake, the throttle on the transmitter is slowly moved and the engine comes to life. The steam that comes from the engine goes into a tank called a condenser which catches the oil and water thus preventing pollution of the lake.

The boat will run for approximately 20 mins on the water, after that the boat is taken out of the water and once the boiler has cooled enough then it is refilled ready for the next run.

The sight of your steamboat under steam power with the steam emitting from the funnel makes all the fuss worthwhile

Happy Steaming!!